About Jez and Steve

Jez Allman

From an entrepreneurial, social and sports orientated background Jez had no doubt that a career in sales and marketing would fit his inquisitive, competitive and social characteristics. His nature to find the easiest route to the best result and then finding the best way to deliver the same results continually led to a career in strategy planning and business development at a senior level. With an entrepreneurial mindset and an expert in commercial sales and marketing, Jez has been responsible for brand development within Coca-Cola, Federal Express, Marston’s Brewery, Walkers and the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

Jez succeeds with high growth business development due to his intuitive people skills and his inquisitive mind, along with his sports coaching and broad business training background. Jez to helps businesses like yours to think differently and to achieve far greater success on a continued basis. That might be greater profit per customer, profit per employee, hitting exponential growth targets, or to have the ability to confidently take time away from your business to be with family and friends, knowing that your business is achieving equally well when you’re not there.

“I like to think of myself as an impartial advocate; I will listen, cajole, inspire, encourage, empower, guide and motivate you to your personal success”


Steve Goodman

After a 20 year career as a senior manager and director in textiles, engineering and leisure and hospitality Steve set up his own business in consulting and training, working with a wide variety of types and size of business.  Combining his hands on business experience with business consulting enabled him to develop into a well-rounded business person with a high level of commercial and financial acuity and expertise.

20 years ago he “discovered” coaching and the potential to combine this with business knowledge to help business people make the personal and organisational changes needed to achieve their goals.  He decided to stop “giving advice” and help clients work out the answers for themselves.  Not only was this more cost effective for clients but they were more likely to implement what needed to be done.  Steve believes that the biggest value he brings is helping people identify the questions they need to find the answers to.  “Once they are clear on the questions they often discover that finding the answers is not as difficult as they thought it would be”.  Using this approach he has helped a number of highly successful business leaders to transform their organisation’s performance and their own careers.  In particular he has an ability to help people to maintain their strategic focus and motivation in the most demanding situations.

Steve is also one of the leading experts in the application of the Achievement Process.  He has co-authored a book based on 17 years of business coaching using the Achievement Process entitled “The Z to A of Success – the Art of Thinking Backwards” due to be published in 2017.

Steve also has special expertise and experience of using service to create competitive advantage and to build excellence into every aspect of any organisation.  He holds a post graduate Diploma in Customer Service Management from Leicester University, one of the few people in the UK to hold this or comparable qualification.