For the people whose ideas, decisions and actions “make the difference” to the businesses they lead.

Team of Equals is for the “Difference Makers” – owners, senior directors, senior partners, as well as self-employed service providers and professionals. Through joining your local Team of Equals you will work with and for fellow “Difference Makers” who want to achieve their business and related personal goals faster and more effectively at an affordable investment in terms of both time and money.

Each Team of Equals is a Personal Business Support Team with a maximum membership of 9 people, all from separate, non-competing businesses. There are 9 one-day team sessions per year of “booked in the diary time” for team members to work together “on their businesses” rather than individually “in their businesses”.

Be a Difference Maker

Achieve your business goals faster
Achieve the best results

Each team is supported by an experienced business coach who also provides 30 minute 1:1 telephone or skype coaching between sessions and up to five 1:1 two hour coaching sessions per year. In addition, each team is supported by a panel of experts in accounting, finance, legal, HR, marketing and business strategy and operations. On a rotating basis in each team session 2 experts from our panel will deliver short presentations on matters of interest and relevance to team member.