Team of Equals was launched in March offering a new way of providing business support for the “Difference Makers”; the people whose ideas, decisions and actions “make the difference” in their business.
Jez Allman, a Founding Partner of Team of Equals says. “There is no shortage of sources of business advice out there. Loads of people and organisations are just itching to tell you what to do. However from our own experience and from working with many different business leaders we find that the “Difference Makers” don’t just want advice, they also want new ideas plus support to make things happen.
For these business leaders one of the most effective source of business advice and ideas is – other business leaders. The problem is how do you find the right people for you, why would they want to help you and how do you make it all work? We have set up Team of Equals to provide the answers”.
Team of Equals works by bringing together up to 9 business leaders, all from separate non-competing businesses to form a personal business support team. There are 9 team sessions a year to discuss the problems and challenges they each face and to help each other to find answers and to implement them.
They are supported by an experienced business coach using the unique Achievement Process to ensure members access the full power of the team’s combined expertise and experience. The coach also provides telephone coaching between sessions and further 1:1 coaching sessions that members use as required.

Members will also benefit from input from a panel of experts, who, on a rotating basis present on topics of interest and relevance from their field of expertise at each team session.

Jez Allman stated “our target is to have 2 Teams of Equals up and working in the Leicester/Leicestershire area by the middle of this year and then to set up further teams across the East Midlands. Longer term we aim to have Teams of Equals operating across the UK and internationally”.