Join a Team of Equals

So if you are a “Difference Maker”  have a look at the list of benefits that could be yours through becoming a member of a Team of Equals. Then, if you want to make more different things happen for you and your business to achieve the results you want then contact us to arrange to meet and discuss the significant potential Team of Equals has to help you achieve your goals.

  • You will have made the vital first step to work on developing yourself and your business, not just existing in it, by committing 9 days of your time to your team sessions and coaching support. You will have set in stone 9 one-day team sessions per year to work with and for your team colleagues “on your business” rather than individually “in your business.
  • Working together in structured and facilitated team sessions using the proven Achievement Process you’ll find the answers you need and the support to action solutions effectively.
  • Your personal Achievement Profile will offer you significant Personal Discovery whilst connecting you to that process and to each of your team colleagues, enabling far more effective and solutions focussed outcomes from every Team of Equals session you attend.
  • Shared and therefore significantly lower cost and far greater value of a robust Business Coaching resource, including 30 minutes’ 1:1 telephone/skype coaching between team sessions and up to five 2 hour 1:1 coaching sessions per year with your team coach.
  • Significant resources to draw on from fellow team members and an expert panel who you can trust.
  • Form “buddy partnerships” with other team members to provide you with a trusted sounding board whenever you need it
  • Become a “better business person” through discovering, learning and applying new knowledge and expertise.
  • Become credible and trusted by your team colleagues who will become advocates for you and your business as you will for them and theirs.
  • Regular in person updates and information from experts on topics relevant to you and your business, plus access to their expertise and services.
  • Coaching skills training woven into the process that will positively impact on how you run and develop your business.
  • Access to the Team of Equals network of team members as we grow

Be the Best

Out Perform your Market