The Achievement Process

The role of the team coach is to bring structure and process to the team sessions to enable individual members to access the full power of the team’s collective knowledge, expertise, experience and resources. This process and structure is the Achievement Process which makes Team of Equals more effective than other PAGs. Developed by us from rock solid research and practical experience from our 17 years of business coaching. It is a “pure” yet non-prescriptive process that has been used and proven with over 17,000 people from over 20 countries, to help them find better ways of getting things done; everything from getting up on time (every time) in the morning to managing a complex project in the nuclear industry.

Achievement Process Diagram

Fundamentally the Achievement Process enables you to work out how to get more things right, first time, more often. Its unique power is that it starts with your personal Achievement Profile which measures how you tick. This then enables YOU, now knowing the sort of person YOU are, starting from where YOU happen to be, in the circumstances in which YOU find yourself, to get the results YOU want, working in the way that YOU work best, to achieve the best results possible. There is nothing else quite like it!

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It also has the Team of Equals ethos and values built in, so team members don’t just work together effectively, but work “for and with” each other.

Because it is a coaching process team members will also learn to take their own coaching skills to a higher level.